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Join the struggle! Find nerdy art that matches your aesthetics.

Most nerdy art is tacky and old school. Clever Clippings is different. I am here to help you GEEK OUT IN STYLE, proving that sophisticated art and pop-culture don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Let these fun paper collages make your space feels like you.


Chartered Accountant to Collage Artist

Hey there! Are you constantly searching for art that isn't too nerdy to share with your 'normie' friends? But also not too basic that it looks like it came from any bookstores? That's when my inspiration struck!


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    Choose a discussion piece that offers the ultimate eye-candy experience! With my art, the more you look, the more you see.


    My prints and greeting cards are sized to fit standard frames. No more custom framing! Hassle-free!


    Every design carries a unique narrative, and now you can bring that story home with you.

Frequently asked questions

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Why do you choose paper collage?

Collages are magical because they turn the ordinary into extraordinary, giving forgotten things a second chance to live and shine. Growing up in a family where girls were underestimated, I always had to show my value. Crafting beauty from old grocery magazines and overlooked materials really speaks to me.

Is it digitally done?

No. Each collage starts with meticulous handcutting, creating intricate and one-of-a-kind design. These transformed treasures are then scanned, colour-matched and printed into fine prints in studio.

What do you mean by handcut?

Each collage is born through precise handcutting with an exacto knife! With each cut and each stroke, a unique world is crafted, where ordinary materials are sculpted into art.

Is each one of them one of a kind?

Each original collage is one of a kind and is born from weeks-long dedication. As orders poured in, I realized that keeping up with the demand was like chasing a unicorn, so I conjured up the idea of fine prints, providing you affordable and perfect gifting options.

Where did you source your material?

I embark on thrilling treasure hunts across flea markets, thrift shops, and beyond, seeking out organic materials like old posters, postcards, ribbed books, flyers, and even grocery store magazines and real estate flyers that find their way into my mailbox. Every piece I gather tells a unique tale, ready to be reborn in the vibrant realm of my collages.

Do you write all the stories of the art prints?

Yes. I believe in story-telling through art and each collage design has its own story. When I ship your order, the print is packaged and bundled with the story narrative that you can keep and display with.

What are the framing sizes of your prints?

They ranged from 5"x7", 8"x8", 9"x9", 8"x10" to 11"x14", depending on the design. All ready-to-hang.

Do the prints come in different sizes?

Currently, I only have few designs that offer different sizes due to demand and requests. All other collages are in its specific size and they printed to match the same size of the originals, ensuring that you experience the very best it has to offer. I am working on expanding the collections.

Do you ship anywhere outside of US & Canada?

Currently, I only ship to US & Canada. But hold onto your hats because I am working tirelessly to extend my shipping coverage to other countries. Want to be notified? Sign up my newsletter.

What if my orders got damaged during shipment?

I take utmost care to securely package all orders in a flat mailer, guaranteeing their safe arrival without any damage or bending. If your orders were damaged or bent, you can contact me along with your order number and I will replace them for free.

Do you do custom commission?

Yes I do. Collage is the perfect way to capture and share your own story. Click "Shop" then "Commission" above to see some of my favourite collage commissions.