What is Collage?

Have you ever cut out a bunch of pictures from magazines and pasted them together to make a big picture? If you have, you have made a paper collage.

Paper collage, otherwise known as analog collage, is the original form of collage art. The technique and term originated hundreds of years ago and my goal is to bring it back in a modern way.

Why Collage?

Collage design feels authentic because this kind of art requires me to work with my hands, physically making intricate cuts and arranging the cutouts just so. It is an expressive and freeing form of art and can be filled with surrealism, humour, and super-clever juxtaposition.

What is the best part of collaging?

When I make a collage, I'm always asking why this element fits with that one. So, what might seem random actually gets meaning through the process. Whether purposeful or random, these combinations spark fresh ideas or emotions in new settings. That's why I call this process 'giving them a second life'.


    Choose a discussion piece that offers the ultimate eye-candy experience! With my art, the more you look, the more you see.


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