Nezuko - Xue (Xuě 雪 snow, Xuè 血 blood)

Nezuko - Xue (Xuě 雪 snow, Xuè 血 blood)

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⚬ Description ⚬

This is an archival print of the original collage. Fits standard 11” x 14” frame.
The original piece was cut and pasted by hand from collection of used and vintage books.

This collage has a deeper meaning to who Nezuko is and what her name means. In Japanese, the partial translation of her name is actually a flower that can be found in the winter, which is the season we mainly see during the series. And her name Nezuko has a significant connection to the snowy mountains where the Kamado family lives, which is also where they were found dead.

The large semi white flower with delicately flushed scarlet at the heart depicts an interpretation of blood dropping on a snow-covered surface. On one hand, the choice of this flower narrated how the bloodshed disrupted a normal and pure family; on the other hand, it symbolized the spread of Muzan’s demon blood in Nezuko’s body and how it turned her into a demon. And this piece is named after “Xue” a Chinese Homonyms, which share the same spellings between Xuě 雪 (snow) and Xuè 血 (blood) in Chinese. 

Unlike the other demons, Nezuko has immunity against the sun, and hence, she was given the name “The Chosen Demon”.  Placing the only luminous white flower at the top center right above her, standing out among all flowers, it symbolizes Nezuko as “the Chosen One”. 

When Nezuko takes her demon transformation a step further into berserk mode, not only we see horns coming out of her forehead but also vine markings wrapped around her body. The placements of the vines cutout around her also re-created the movement of those vine markings. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

-Printed on heavy textured paper for rich details and vivid colour reproduction.
-Used highly pigmented archival inks for quality and clarity
-Can fit in standard-size frame, which can be found easily both locally and online.
-Each print is hand-signed by me on the front.
-The frame is shown for demonstration purposes only and is not included.